Two circus bears taste freedom for the first time in 17 years

I should also mention that I have no tolerance for circuses as an animal lover. Meanwhile, thousands of wild creatures continue to be imprisoned far from their native habitats in appallingly small cages.

Fortunately, some of those poor animals are now having the opportunity to experience freedom after years of torment. Another illustration would be the two bears, Gaika and Masha, who performed for a Russian circus for almost 17 years.

The beautiful animals have been confined to a truck for all these years. After the circus owner passed away, the Wild Animal Sanctuary saved the grieving animals. Now, they enjoy a wonderful, liberated existence! However, the first time they experience independence is just great!

Watch the short film below to see Gaika and Masha experience grass under their paws for the first time after being saved! They run, prance, and jump in excitement. This video is quite moving!