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Snakes | September 16, 2022 1:57 PM | hangbony

Cobra snake hidden in the pipe, then see how it was rescued

Recently, a cobra snake was found hidden in a pipe at a residential complex in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The snake, which was about five feet long, caused great shock and alarm among the residents of the building, many of whom were unaware that such a large and potentially dangerous creature had been living in the vicinity. Fortunately, wildlife experts from the Wildlife SOS rescue organization were able to capture the snake without incident. The rescue team carefully monitored the snake’s movements and used a snake hook to safely guide it out of the pipe. Once the snake was out of the pipe, the rescue team was able to safely transport it to a nearby rescue centre.

At the rescue centre, the snake was given a thorough medical check-up and all necessary treatments were administered. The snake was also provided with a safe and comfortable place to live where it could be monitored on a regular basis. The cobra is an important part of India’s wildlife, and it is important to ensure that it is protected from harm. The Wildlife SOS team was able to carry out a successful rescue operation and ensure that the snake was able to live in a safe environment.

This rescue operation is a great example of how wildlife can be protected and cared for in a safe and humane way. By being aware of the presence of wildlife in our environment and by treating it with respect, we can help ensure that these creatures are able to live in their natural habitats without fear of harm.

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