Rescue operation, 2 snakes that fell in the farm pond Rescue 1 Cobra and 1 Rat snake from Ahmednagar

Why do you people take such a risky risk? The snake was not a challenge for anybody, and the hiding spot is for getting away from humans. I have personal experience with this.

When a snake entered the home, we sprayed it with turmeric water, and it calmly crawled out.

Leave snakes alone if they’re hiding, because they’re content. They don’t need to be rescued if they’re on the ground or in water.

It’s not a king cobra; it’s a common cobra found around the coast. I’m not sure why they’re driving Naga deva out of the Pooja mandir; it’s meant to be worshipped when true God gives Darshan, and bhakths feel terrified, thus pouring milk to the mouth of Naga deva appears to be a play, Thank you for like and share.

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