9 Cute Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets.

Also, he does know that ownership doesn’t stop when the pet grows into adulthood right?? I hope so, I get he was focusing on the cuteness, but it’s videos like this that make people think that a mini pig will stay mini, while smaller then normal pigs, they do get bigger when they grow up!

They’re not just your pet when they’re babies, you still have to love & care for them when they get older. Some aren’t as cute when they get older also.
When I was a little girl my grandmother had skunks as pets, They were awesome! And none were descented, Apparently my dad started the whole skunks as pets when he was young and took care of the ones that lived in their barn.
However over time they became house pets, They used a litter box and ate high protein cat food, I have pics of me at 6 or 7 cuddling with them in the grass in the backyard, Thank you for like and share.

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