Mouse (Rat) VS Bird Fight Footage

I filmed this while having a nap on a bench in Madrid. I heard that strange sound, and I was quite surprised to see this duel. It looks like a magpie, but I’m not sure if it’s a mouse or a small rat maybe? At the end, you can see that there were more of the birds, and well, I just couldn’t watch that any longer. I went there to save the mouse. I moved it to a safe place and gave it a piece of bread.

first time feeling sorry for a rat. You could even see the sadness and fear and many other emotions in its eyes. My heart feels rather heavy right now. Hey, man! Long time, no see! This is some great footage. It’s nice that you were able to capture nature in action. It’s cool to see variety on your channel. I did not expect this.

Being raised around farms, it surprises me that the birds didn’t make it a joint effort. I’ve seen chickens dismember and share snakes as well as eat field mice whole ! I never thought I’d say this, but that zoom in on the sad face makes me wish I could have taken him home as a pet. Poor thing!

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