Watch the struggle crocodiles and predatory lions / something unbelievable.

The 2 LIONS survived , One swam back to dry land after the fight in the water, The second Lion swam back a while later, They were seen together with a Lioness, Both survived none the worse after the fight.

Editor is partial who wanted to show supremacy of crocs over lions which is only half truth,as both avoid each other in direct conflict, It depends where the fight takes place,in land or water winners will change accordingly.

That how lion pride end thinking you are the only one no one is stronger than you that how American is thinking over other countries.

His head shape and mane pattern looks a bit like the extinct West African lion that was twice the size of modern lions, slightly bigger than Barbary lions, Perhaps Scarface has a pinch of that DNA in him, Thank you for like and share.

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