Crow GRABS OUT Sleeping baby bird from Nest.

Now I know why the parent gives a little chirp each time they visit. The babies are smart enough to completely lay low until they KNOW its mommy or daddy.

The birds stick their heads out right a second before the mother lands they do lift their heads up superfast how do they do that their fast asleep and in less than a second their heads are up its amazing lol.

I honestly never thought of predator birds taking the babies of other birds to feed THEIR OWN babies, until I saw it on a live cam.

By putting cameras next to nests you are advertising the fact to predators. Time and again I see this. Crows are very intelligent and will watch from a distance. As well as that, humans leave scent trails leading ground predators to nests. If you respect nature you would not jeapordise their chances for the sake of a video on youtube.