Lion Fighting Cape Buffalo.

While struggling to get the lioness off its back, the buffalo peed on itself, What a pity! Consider how difficult it is for lions and lionesses to catch their prey! They can’t merely order them; they’re even hauled along a rugged path on their backs.

Stunning lioness, She’s doing it all by herself, Her commitment and determination truly amazed me, Buffalos, perhaps, will discover one day that they can use their own weight.

We sympathize with the buffalo, but we don’t believe that the lions are hungry, as many of them have died as a result of hunger! So not only the buffalo, but also the lions, are in pain, and this is, after all, nature.

The observers were chastised for failing to assist the buffalo, I wish you luck with that, I’m not even going to take a kibble from my cat, After all, this is just Nature’s way of working, Thank you for like and share.