This Alligator Will Die From 860 Volts

It’s absolutely insane that we just accept a creature like this could do such an impossible thing. An animal is able to produce a deadly amount of electrical voltage with just its natural-born organs. Nature is so fascinating. As an electrical engineer, I will always follow Eel’s orders because he is in charge. If this animal was extinct, you would have no way of knowing it had this unique ability.

Electric Eels have an AOE stun which reveals the affected locations on their minimap. They also have a self-cast electrical shield which can one-shot many opponents. Electric eels are born with a master’s degree in electricity production and management. I’m amazed that they aren’t affected by their own electricity, or that they aren’t harmed by the current produced by other eels when they’re hunting in packs.

With the recent surge in energy costs, I’ve installed a giant fish tank, an agitator, and roaming electrodes, along with numerous electric eels, in order to be more sustainable. The results have been shocking, especially under the current situation! For many years, I’ve been static on the issue, but finally I decided to take charge of the situation. Everyone I talked to was energised about this idea, and really switched on. The potential is truly amazing; people’s power makes me buzz with excitement! Positive attitude is what it’s all about. No negativity here! All it needed was a spark of imagination with no resistance in order to push forward with forward momentum! Just make sure you have enough storage for your parts and discharge any responsibilities accordingly-you don’t want to be overloaded! I’m so excited about this!