Bullsnake eating chicken eggs

We discovered this bullsnake d.evou.ring eggs in our chicken coop and promptly grabbed the camera. It was amazing to see, and he seemed unconcerned that we were observing him. He abruptly clenched his m.usc.les and surged forward a few inches when the egg was about 4 or 5 inches down.

U.nfortun.ately, we didn’t get this on camera since the eggshell c.rac.ked and the large b.ulge d.isappeared. That snake is a man of determination, devotion, and pure willpower, and it will complete the task no matter what.

My throat h.ur.ts just watching that snake c.onsume that egg. Thank you for liking and sharing. Finally, I f.orc.ed myself to watch the entire movie. It’s h.orri.fying, but it’s also interesting. Until I read the description, I had no idea what had happened to the b.ulge. It’s a fascinating topic and a fantastic video.