Yulan Magnolia Flowers Just Look Like Beautiful Birds

We all enjoy a nice optical illusion — just consider the recent argument over whether to wear a gold or blue dress.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, has provided us with one optical illusion. It’s also quite cool! These particular flowers also have a bird-like appearance.

Yulan magnolias are the blossoms, and they are a Chinese native species. The lovely and delicate pink bloom has a long history as well as a citrus aroma. These flowers have a long history, having been grown in Buddhist temple gardens for about 1,500 years.

These flowers are thought to represent purity. These magnolias were planted along the emperor’s palace in China during the Tang Dynasty.

In the spring, the Yulan magnolias bloom profusely. And it turns out that their blossoms have the appearance of tiny small birds when they appear.