Crocodile catch and e.a.t zebra – incredible feeding behaviour!

The crocodiles along the Mara River are famous for their incredible size, but as big as they are, they can still b.i.t.e o.ff more than they can c.h.ew!

After catching a young zebra, the c.rocs went into a feeding and started d.evouring the zebra. One of the bigger crocs e.n.ded with most of the u.nlucky zebra, and couldn’t s.wal.low it! This was filmed on the Great Migration Safari.

The crocodile felt for his li.fe when he saw the zebra running at him, and acted in complete self-d.ef.ense.

You can tell that those things are prehistoric just by looking at them. Definitely a t.hrowback species from a b.rutal period of time.