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Animals | March 6, 2022 12:51 AM | hangbony

Best ’08! Anaconda Hunts

When you’re an anaconda you don’t need v.enom to take d.own your prey, even if it’s the world’s largest rodent, a capybara, weighing somewhere in the n.eighb.orhood of one hundred pounds!

I love how the narrators speech always makes an animal getting k.il.led and eaten in the w.orse way imaginable slightly less…h.or.ri.ble. Anacondas are just amazing!

Loved this video! I hope you can make more action predator prey videos for endangered species also and try to copyright them and sell them to elementary school children who could all benefit by viewing the biodiversity in action which we are rapidly l.oo.sing on the face of this precious one and only planet for us.

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