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This crazy anteater easily defeats the leopard thanks to its long beak

Animals | November 20, 2022 8:13 AM | hangbony

The armadillo told the anteater k Eli entering the hole k neguem pulled Eli out by his handle and the anteater stuck his nail in the armadillo’s cur and the armadillo comes out of the hole and said I came back to say that nail nu cur negen hold.

Bull Elk get Trouble Injured – What Happen Next

Animals | | hangbony

the term cannibal is severely misused if it was a cannibal that was eating the elk it would be the elk eating the elk. for someone like me that pays attention to the way words are used these days it just got on my nerves a little bit LOL If your not going to show […]

The Biggest Cows You’ve Probably Never Seen

Animals | | hangbony

Bulls and Cows are no doubt one of the most beautiful and heaviest creatures to exist on Planet Earth. This has made them bigger and stronger over time. But just how big and strong are we talking? Well, you’re about to find out. Bulls come in all sizes. Some of them are smaller and others […]

OMG! Giant Python Hunt Leopard Cubs When Mother Leopard Hunting Impala, Anaconda vs Crocodile

Animals | November 19, 2022 8:16 AM | hangbony

It’s amazing to watch a Mother in the wild fight for her baby no matter how small or big the Predator is she will fight until she dies or he does or until the Predator goes away. And now I have been reading in the news about mother’s killing their babies. 

Hyenas vs Leopard, When the Hunter Becomes Prey. God Cannot Help Leopard Escaping Hyena

Animals | | hangbony

God can not help is wrong statement written by ignorant person, Almighty God is the creater sustainer and protector. ~ Hyenas vs Leopard, When the Hunter Becomes Prey. God Cannot Help Leopard Escaping Hyena ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Image 01 Hyenas vs Leopard, When the Hunter Becomes Prey. God Cannot Help Leopard Escaping Hyena […]


Animals | | hangbony

Here in the Amazon there are amazing and legendary creatures should make a video about them, but the legendary few spoken, juma, mapinguari, anhangá among others I love this channel It is true, they are large snakes, but these animals must not be killed or mistreated, we must protect and avoid them, and leave them […]

Anaconda uses Bizarre TEETH FOR CHEWING–Catches Chicken

Animals | | hangbony

4:15 Yes, Anacondas (or Sucuri, as we call it here in Brazil) are semi-aquatic animals, they do prefer to be surrounded by water, ESPECIALLY when they’re constricting the prey. I have to say this was really quite the interesting video while admit a tad strange to see live feeding with no prep to make sure […]

Amazing video of the meeting of snakes captured in the camera, you must not have seen such a video

Animals | | hangbony

hi i am writing to you from Islamabad Pakistan i am a big fan of you and your videos and this video is fantastic i have seen such a meeting of 2 rat snakes in past in front of me but this meeting is fantastic i have started watching your videos almost 2 years back […]

Deadly Battles Of Cobras || Cobra vs Mongoose, Komodo

Animals | | hangbony

Cobra are cold-blooded creatures that can move fast over difficult terrain. Rodents, insects, bird eggs, and juvenile birds are among the species they hunt and consume. Snake venom has the ability to paralyze and kill prey. You have good content but here’s the thing a Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world and […]

Lion Attack Hippo to Free Cheetah – Big Battle of Leopard vs Python

Animals | | hangbony

Well I can believe that the hippo caught the cheetah after it lost its speed because cheetah is the fastest animal but only for a certain distance and then it loses its speed. It cannot maintain that speed. What did surprise me was how fast the big hippo could actually run… Very good video. Sad […]

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