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Animals | September 18, 2023 1:22 PM | hangbony

India’s most poisonous female snake fell into this well, gave birth to so many eggs, then how was it rescued!

India is known for its exotic wildlife, including some of the most poisonous female snakes in the world. Recently, a unique rescue operation took place in the state of Maharashtra, where a female cobra was rescued after it had fallen into a well. The cobra was discovered by a local farmer, who noticed that the snake had fallen into the well and was unable to climb out. After alerting the authorities, a team of snake rescuers was sent to the scene. Upon arriving, the rescuers noticed that the cobra had already laid a clutch of eggs in the well.

The rescuers quickly hatched a plan to safely extract the cobra and its eggs from the well. Using a long pole with a hook attached to it, they were able to carefully lift the cobra from the well and place it in an animal carrier. The eggs were collected and placed in a separate container. Once the cobra and eggs were safely extracted from the well, the rescue team transported them to a nearby rescue facility. Here, the cobra was given a medical examination and treated for any injuries it may have sustained during its fall. The eggs were incubated until they hatched and the baby cobras were released into the wild.

This rescue mission was a success, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting India’s wildlife. The cobra and her eggs were safely extracted from the well and given a second chance at life in the wild. It is a testament to the dedication of the rescue team and the importance of conservation efforts in India.

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