Porcupine Too Danger! Lion, Leopard and Python Risked Their Lives When Hunting Porcupine.

It teaches us to be strong and brave as a lion but be as protected as a porcupine, by making sure you and your loved ones have a hedge of protection around them. There are many predators out there… I really appreciate this guy for his work of expertise rendered to me. He has been so reliable and trustworthy. I can now monitor my husband’s phone and read his chats without him knowing.

The desire to eat porcupine is too strong for these two lionesses, She pursued the spiky creature even after it had been quilled many times.

Porcupines are actually safer than many animals 10 times their size Even a pack of lions doesn’t want to have a face and mouth full of quills or needles Go ahead and check out Pythons and Anacondas versus Porcupines! Yes. Many times, the porcupines actually survive, leaving the snakes lying exposed to die.

A perfect example of why “concealed carry” of a gun is so important When you are defenseless, you will be harmed by others who deem you prey. This! This right here is the reason why the US still has the lowest rates of violence in the areas where concealed carry is allowed. All the areas with high murder rates are the areas where politicians have their own police protection but deny their citizens those same rights to be protected.