Tiger vs Anaconda Awesome Deathmatch!! tiger vs anaconda fight to death

In general, if you look at cat vs viper on average, the cat is more likely to win, If it bites badly once, the viper will win, but I think tiger vs anaconda is similar, I think there is a high chance that a tiger will win.

The huge snake wrapping itself around a human under water, and the guy did nothing but flutter his arms and watch!!

Because the reflexes are dominant in felines, on average, the tiger is dominant!! I don’t know about the male lion Because it is dull ‥ The lioness will win ‥ Because it is agile.

I like stuff like this~! Haha, but it’s nice to have several, but all of them are solved in the middle~ Ha, didn’t even one go to the end! Background music is nice, Thank you for like and share.