A raccoon was saved from being buried alive by a group of caring children.

After two wonderfully caring children accidently discovered and rescued a trapped and buried alive raccoon, he was given one more chance!

The dramatic rescue was caught on film, and the two are now considered heroes.

Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, two brothers, saved the hapless creatures from probable d.eath. Dray McMillon (Dray), his son Daiton (Dai), and his younger brother Rylen (Ryl) had just returned from a family get-together.

The two boys go exploring in the area surrounding their property on a regular basis, as they did on this particular day. They did, however, locate a collapsed animal burrow after a few minutes of wandering through the woods.

Fearing that there was a trapped animal inside, Daiton and Rylen rushed to investigate.

U.n.fortunately, their w.orst f.ears were realized when a hapless raccoon became stuck inside. Because the small creature was afraid and perplexed, the boys realized they needed to act quickly to save his life.