The lion put his life on the line in order to attack the buffalo, and he was too terrified to hide in the bushes.

The untamed world is alluring because of the most dramatic life-or-d.eath c.onfrontations, and the b.attles b.etween buffalo and lion are arguably the most entertaining to watch because they are the most level-playing.

In a viral video on YouTube, a buffalo has recently terrified two lions who at.tempted to tease the buffalo.

In the footage, a pair of lions are s. een atta.cking an extraordinarily healthy adult buffalo’s rear legs in an to take it down.

Because the buffalo was so powerful and smart, the lion pair gradually became feeble and refused to ride on its back. The male lion didn’t appear to mind because he was possibly facing some h. azardous atta.cks from the buffalo.

Despite this, the lioness opted to the buffalo, and she quickly realized her e.rror. The buffalo was still quite strong and ready to b .attle the l.ion, and the lion no longer dared to s.trike, his dread showing on his face.

The two lions were therefore ter.rified and f.orced to hide behind a dense tree and wait for the buffalo to go.