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>> Meet Coco and Mimi Dad & Mama Golden British Shorthair Cuddling Kitten a few hours after birth.

Cat | May 26, 2022 9:04 AM | hangbony

Thank you so much for sharing Mimi’s and her adorable furbaby’s proudest memories with us all. Mimi, along with her happy father Coco, will and is a great proud Mama cat now. Mimi is meowing to let everyone know what a great family she now has. Many blessings to the joyful little family. Coco walking […]

A poor cat clinging onto a boot in the street was neglected by people

Cat | May 24, 2022 8:44 AM | hangbony

A poor cat stuck in a shoe on the street was ignored by the people. Fortunately, only one man was able to save him and give him a second chance to survive. Nobody seems to notice the sad, abandoned kitty. Because of a man, it was spared, and his efforts give us hope that humanity […]

Boxful of Ragdolls So Cute Kitten

Cat | | hangbony

Given that 11 cats reside there with their humans, I’m astonished with how tidy this house appears. It’s incredible to have a three-generation family of cats all together! They have an incredible existence. They’re all very lovely and individual in their own way. But I’ll always have a soft spot for Manon since she’s so […]

Maine Coon Cat: Trust And Love Between Cat And Owner.

Cat | May 23, 2022 8:37 AM | hangbony

Props to the owner, 80% of the people filming this would have literally tried to force the animal further and further in. That woman gives the cat its freedom just as it should be – I respect you and you respect me. Beautiful cat by the way, I wasn’t expecting that gorgeous face when she […]

The Lovely Cat Train Is Now Leaving!

Cat | | hangbony

I like how all the cats participate in all the activities done by the owner. I’m surprised that the cats all stayed in their boxes and didn’t keep jumping out. You can tell her cats love & trust her. They’re all just going along with it. Cutest thing ever!! You know you’re a good owner […]

Cats are unstoppable! Compilation of funny videos with cats for a good mood!

Cat | | hangbony

Really cute video. Kinda got concerned about the poor cat shown at around 1:50 into the video. Cats usually do that when they have a headache. It can even be as bad as early sign of a brain tumor. If it’s real bad, Sometimes they press their heads at corner of the room to get […]

The herd still hungers.

Cat | | hangbony

The crunching noises they make is so satisfying though. Imagine someone moving into this house and being confused why a herd of cats are meowing on their porch. I can’t be the only one that wants to cuddle with all these kitties Five years later and that chunky light brown one still doesn’t put in […]


Cat | | hangbony

When I was a child, I lived with my aunt and uncle, and she would feed this cat that was hidden under a office trailer in the middle of an abandoned car dealership. I remember she feed him for a long time and then finally he was comfortable enough to come close and she brought […]

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