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Animals | April 7, 2022 8:11 AM | hangbony

W.AR.NING NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE 4 Day’s footage of a d.ying male lion.

Considering how b.rutal nature can be, he had a peaceful passing, under a tree in the shade with a nice breeze. He must have been a great king.

Apparently not that great because he clearly hasn’t been eating or hunting well, it was probably i.nj.ured prior.

He passed so peacefully. It seemed like he drifted away, no laboured b.reathing, no convulsions, just silently passed into a deep sleep.

He has completed his lion life. The nature is so c.ru.el sometime, but it took him back peacefully. I can see he was in peace.

Gentle reminder to everyone that father time always wins. Enjoy every single second of your life while you’re still young. It’s harder to enjoy life when your joints are aching and your muscles aren’t as strong. Don’t bury yourself in too much work or trying to please others. Because in the end, all you have is yourself and the memories you made with the people you love. Make sure you lived a life worth living.

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