Again, the big two-tailed KING COBRA fought fiercely

Two big king cobras fight the two largest king cobra snakes are mating in a rice field beside a coconut tree,

like in a fight these two giant king cobra snakes wrapped around each other and slithered up to the fallen tree and approached our cameraman.

if in my place it’s not fatter than humans are careful but the snake doesn’t care.

However, cobras are predators of plant pests and more or less support the balance of the ecosystem. Do not harass or k.ill as long as it is not or life th.reatening.

The cobra eats other snakes too, It’s the rat snake that pests, it’s this snake that helps farmers to k.i.ll plant pests, Cobras must be caught if it is important to k.i.l.l them, because cobras eat rat snakes, even though rat snakes are very useful for agriculture
Cobras and pythons must be removed if necessary and burned because they are not useful for humans and also th.reaten human life. Don’t eat the farmers’ livestock. There are even pythons that even eat humans.