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Animals | August 29, 2022 11:52 PM | hangbony

Lioness holds Buffalo surrounded by the whole herd

Buffalo escapes amazing attack from lone Lioness facing a herd of thousands, in Zambia South Luangwa national park, it takes one to make a stand, others don’t even know what to do, didn’t realise their strength and he understood the power of a pack.

That lioness is seriously seriously brave! She must be Queen or gonna be Queen, she is super brave and confident, what a absolute brave lioness I’ve never seen a lioness stand off with that many buffalo you go girl. Thanks for sharing the great footage.

This just goes to show she must of really been hungry. She was determined not to let that meal go, This was amazing to catch. Maybe you could have added to description if you knew if it lived that would be so nice.

It’s a good thing that animals do not have thought processes, let alone thought processes as complex as ours. A lone lioness holding the entire herd at bay like that! Someone from the truck even suggested to the herd: ‘encircle her..’ but animals do not think like we do.

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