Anacondas are found in almost every country in South America, mainly in the central-west and northern regions of Brazil. These snakes are known around the world for their terrifying size, reaching up to 12 meters in length.

But contrary to what many think, these snakes do not offer risk in most cases, it happens that the human being tries to invade the natural habitat of the snakes, the result? This is what we will show you in this video.

I was fishing in a stream and one of these beauties stole my fish I think it was about 8 meters long, I saw it again about four more times since it was her area or territory where she lived, very impressive animals but at the same time docile if not they are bothered.

People screw them and even so they do not attack, they only maintain a defensive posture, and well done that they are fined, that is lack of respect and conscience, animals are not to play or touch their noses, they are to admire them.