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Animals | September 21, 2022 3:56 AM | hangbony

Anaconda gets bad with a porcupine, 4 times animals handled the porcupine

Humans have a tendency to think that they’re the most capable of handling all kinds of wild animals, but it appears that even the mighty Anaconda can be taken down by the humble porcupine. While the Anaconda is known for its strength and size, it’s no match for the porcupine’s quills, which the snake has no way of avoiding. It’s not just the Anaconda that can fall prey to the porcupine’s quills, however. Other animals have been known to have run-ins with the porcupine, and while some have come away with fatal injuries, others have managed to walk away unscathed. Here are four examples of animals that have been able to handle the porcupine better than the Anaconda:

1. Bears: Bears have famously been known to have a nose for porcupines and a taste for the rodents’ flesh. However, they’re also equipped with thick fur and tough skin that can protect them from the quills. Bears have been known to pick up porcupines in their mouths and shake them until the quills come off.

2. Coyotes: Coyotes have been known to take on porcupines head-on and come away unscathed. They have a knack for being able to dodge the porcupine’s quills and they’re fast enough to catch the rodent and make a meal out of it.

3. Bobcats: Bobcats, like bears, have thick fur that can protect them from the quills. They’re also agile hunters that can outmaneuver the porcupine’s quills and make a meal out of it.

4. Wolves: Wolves may not be the most agile predators, but they’re certainly powerful enough to take down a porcupine. They’re known to have thick fur that can protect them from the quills, and they’re also intelligent enough to know when to back off if the porcupine is too dangerous.

These four animals have proven that it’s possible to take on the porcupine and come away unscathed. While the Anaconda wasn’t so lucky, it’s still an impressive feat to see animals of all sizes taking down the porcupine.

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