Osprey died protecting the chicks by chasing a raven. Then the raven come back and killed one chick.

What a fascinating sight to witness… The pure cleverness of ravens is no joke, although this particular case doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their big brains. The raven and the fox were working together. These two animals are known for their slickness and high ability to plan.

I think that there were two ravens working as a team. One that lured the Osprey from the nest, and the other that flew in and whacked the chick. You can see where the first raven and osprey are down on the ground fighting, and also hear them fighting. The second raven was hiding in a different tree. Also, I don’t think a raven could kill an adult osprey that fast.

I honestly didn’t see what happened to the mom when I first watched the video. Not until he pointed out the fox at the end. I watched it again and kept rewinding to where the mom chased the Raven. And all I saw was a white thingy falling, and then, seconds later, a raven showed up on the nest. I feel like it was planned, the whole “go ahead and chase me and see what happens!” And that was the last thing the mom could do. Just wow!