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Animals | October 25, 2022 9:35 AM | hangbony

Egg Eating Snake Swallowing an Egg

The entire process of an African egg-eating snake eating a quail egg! This is Eggsie, one of our program reptiles with Snake Discovery LLC! Check out the educational reptile programs we provide in Minnesota and Wisconsin at www.SnakeDiscovery.com and like us on Facebook!

I loved how she leaned over her enclosure and spit the shell out on the table. Like a cat with a hairball, it spits it out. and looks at you to clean it up. Imagine swallowing a wrapped cheeseburger whole, doing some sit-ups to break it up, then barfing up the wrapper.

Hi Emily It was so awesome to see her swallow that huge egg, and then to watch it go farther down. Yes, I heard the egg crack. Absorb all of the yolk, and then bring it back up. It was amazing to see her scales stretch out. She used all of her strong muscular body to bring it back up. Thank you for the blog. It was so interesting to see all of the steps. I always wondered how a small snake could swallow such a large egg. Cindy
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