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Love & Cute | November 25, 2022 9:42 AM | hangbony

Lion cubs’ diary Ep2: playtime | Lioness has her paws full. Running, climbing trees, jumping on mum

These little guys so full of energy and so beautiful! Yes, mom has her paws full with these two. And I must also comment on the sounds of the birds chirping. What a beautiful sound. Nature is so beautiful when we take time out to hear it and to watch it. Great video thanks!

beautiful cubs. so cutes. so much energy. but the sad part is to see the mother walking in circle, almost the entire video, like crazy or desperate. another proof that this animals deserve to be free in the wildness.

Sweet babies playing, Mum watching closely the surroundings. Mum seems to be agitated at something near the end ? Will the cubs have an opportunity to be released into the wild someday?

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