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Love & Cute | November 26, 2022 2:01 AM | hangbony

Very Cute Baby Belgian Draft Horse Twins 4 Days Old YouTube

Fien and Lisa van ‘t Akkerhof, Leo Stevens’s twosome in Kalmthout, Belgium, four days old
Lisa and Fien van ‘t Akkerhof, twin Belgian draft horses, at 4 days old.

The video showcases a pair of adorable Belgian Draft Horse twins, who are merely four days old. The young equines are captured in their natural habitat, displaying their charming and endearing qualities. The footage is available on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. The video is a testament to the beauty and wonder of nature, and the innate appeal of these majestic creatures. The Belgian Draft Horse twins are a sight to behold, and their youthful exuberance is sure to captivate viewers of all ages. The video is a delightful reminder of the joys of life and the marvels of the animal kingdom.


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