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Love & Cute | November 26, 2022 10:41 PM | hangbony

Lioness carrying her cub in her mouth wonderful moments

Cub in lioness’s mouth, soooo adorable! The way cubs running, sooo adorable! The way mama waits for cubbies from time to time, sooo adorable! I just can’t stop saying sooo adorable!! 😍😍😍

She really has her hands full, she started to look a little frazzled, when they started scattering, but it looked like once she picked one up into her mouth, and started walking with intent, the others fell in line and followed obediently. A beautiful clip thank you so much for sharing!

So cute.the cubs stop when mom stops.just follow her.the lioness looks parched.even though this lovely family video is there thanks to you,still i wish you should not have been there.scaring them thataway!

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