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Love & Cute | November 27, 2022 7:31 AM | hangbony

Lioness and cubs water crossing, The lil cub who is swimming is so brave and cute

The mother is a great teacher. She knew she would not be able to Carry both the cubs. So she carried one and made the other one to follow. Maybe return journey she will switch over to the other cub. And make both learn swimming.

the lil cub who was swimming with her mom is really brace and independent one..i think it will be a good provider and leader when it became matured.

A mother gives birth to the young one , a mother feeds the young one , a mother cares the young one , a mother saves the young one , a mother raises the young ! This is that which cannot be find in males ! These ‘Lioness with its cubs’ videos are the best example for it 😌!

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