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Animals | January 31, 2023 1:15 PM | hangbony

Look at! The most precious giant albino cobra in the world

Absolutely gorgeous snake I love the video! That cobra, however, is not an albino. It’s actually a leucistic cobra. Still an absolutely rare snake to find in the wild. Albinos can be solid white or an extremely lighter-colored version of their normal selves. They will also have bright, vivid pink or red eyes. The fact that this cobra’s eyes were almost black shows to me that there is more of a blue tint mixed with the natural iris color, which shows that this is a leucistic cobra! still has to be one of the prettiest cobras I have seen this year! Awesome video, guys!

The albino was much more subtle than the one before. I am wondering if the albino was someone’s pet that was let go. Then again, the albino may have survived due to the fact that there are no natural predators in that region. Albinos stick out like a sore thumb and would have been a meal earlier in their lives, according to a predictor.

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