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Animals | February 10, 2023 12:12 PM | hangbony

Watch Rescuers Save Giraffe Choking on Metal Wire Around its Neck

Watch as a group of men wrangle a giraffe to save its life. The animal at a private game reserve in Africa had metal wire wrapped around its neck. To save it, the rescuers shot it with a tranquilizer dart before rushing to its side. Experts say shooting a giraffe is easy but getting the animal down without it dying is a challenge. Afterwards, the beast happily got to its feet and joined its friends.

A rare giraffe was saved and freed by doting rescue group, incredible footage shows.

The footage, which was taken at a private game reserve outside Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, shows a team of rescuers saving the life of a giraffe.

The amazing footage shows the group tackling the giant beast in order to remove metal wire wrapped around its neck.

After being checked over by the team, the giraffe can then be seen leaving the rescuers grips and happily moving into the distance.

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