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Animals | February 23, 2023 1:19 PM | hangbony

Wild boar adults use crocodiles to defend their young.

Since they hunt in ambush, crocodiles wait for their prey to pass in front of them before swiping in for the kill.𝓁.

Although these reptiles have the appearance of being slow-moving,  they are quick and agile when they strike.

In their ecosystem, crocodiles are the top predators, able to take down prey as huge as a shark or big cat. They eat fish, birds, crabs, reptiles, mammoths, aphids, and even small crocodiles.

Their superior senses aid in their successful fishing. Crocodiles are nocturnal animals that rely on their superior night vision to protect themselves from their prey’s less developed eyesight. Additionally, they have the ability to see in color and an underwater eye protection system that does not impair their eyesight.

They can locate prey or carcasses from a great distance thanks to their highly developed sense of smell, and they can notice motion in or near the water thanks to their super-acute hearing. Finally, they can sense prey and predators even in complete darkness thanks to touch sensors built into their thick skin that react to the slightest vibration or pressure change.

A crocodile watches as young and adult wild eagles protect them in the video below.

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