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Birds | March 8, 2023 4:09 AM | hangbony

In more than 10 years in Big Bear Valley, Jackie has lost about a dozen eggs and eaglets, raised three hatchlings, fallen for two mates, braved blizzards and fought off countless enemies.

Over the course of a decade residing in Big Bear Valley, Jackie has encountered various challenges and triumphs. Regrettably, she has experienced the loss of approximately twelve eggs and eaglets, while successfully nurturing three hatchlings to maturity. Additionally, she has formed emotional attachments with two mates, enduring the harsh conditions of blizzards and valiantly defending against numerous adversaries. Jackie’s resilience and determination have been tested throughout her tenure in the valley, as she has persevered through a multitude of obstacles. Her unwavering commitment to her offspring and unwavering bravery in the face of adversity exemplify her remarkable character.

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