The golden fruit dove seems as though it has a place in a fantasy world.

A large number of us, quite rightly, believe that doves either have a pure white color or a grey color. This is on the grounds that those are the only types of doves that we have ever seen.

However, numerous doves are undeniably more beautiful than that, particularly the dazzling brilliant golden fruit dove. This bird is a fantastic and unique bird, and just like its name, the bird is truly a golden fruit.

The golden fruit bird is native to the islands of Beqa, Gau, Ovalau, Viti Levu, and Waya in Western Fiji. This striking species is otherwise called the yellow dove, lemon dove.

The golden fruit dove, scientifically known as Ptilinopus luteovirens, is fundamentally well known for its long, thin feathers around the breast area, which can seem like human hair when you look at it from a distance, as per Australian Geographic. The male golden fruit dove happens to be the most colorful member of this species.

He is shrouded in an amazing, golden plumage which emits a striking, glowing sheen. However, the color of his head is paler, with a green tinge, which just causes the remainder of his body to seem to sparkle more significantly.

He has a bluish-green on the exposed skin around his eyes just like the skin on his legs.

Meet the golden fruit dove…

Its quills are so long and slim around the chest and wings that they give the presence of a golden mane, proud and cushy. It truly makes you want to pet it.

Isn’t she adorable?

The female golden fruit doves are separated easily from the males as they have dim green plumage spotted with certain occasional yellow colored quills. Juvenile golden fruit doves more often than not resemble the females.

Striking dove…

The golden fruit dove is rarely seen close to ground level, and they normally occupy open forests, gallery backwoods, and secondary growth. These species can also be found in mature rainforests with tall trees, as well as in populated areas such as villages and cities.

The orange fruit dove…

The golden fruit dove surely knows how to put on a colorful show and its cousins, which are the whistling fruit dove and the orange dove, can also wow the audience with their different shades of the palette. The orange fruit dove, scientifically known as the “Ptilinopus victor,” shares the golden fruit dove’s long, “hair-like” body feathers.

Nonetheless, in the case of the orange fruit dove, they have a bright orange color and distinguish themselves with an olive-hued head. It looks like its golden cousin all around, but it lives on various Fiji islands like the Kioa, Laucala, Levu, Vanua, Qamea, Rabi and Taveuni islands.

The whistling fruit dove…

Meanwhile, the whistling fruit dove, or velvet dove, scientifically called Ptilinopus layardi, is similarly striking. Like its cousins, it has golden hued upperparts, with a differentiating head, in its case, dazzling yellow.

The velvet dove is recorded by the IUCN as “Near Threatened”, while the golden and orange doves are recorded as species of “Least Concern”

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