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Birds | April 4, 2023 10:13 AM | hangbony

Sneaky Camouflage Owls You’d Never See



These impressive photographs demonstrate a mottled owl nearly invisible to the naked eye as it safeguards its aerie in a tree.

Blake Hess, 47, documented the striking creature’s camouflage technique in Colorado, US, after tracking the family of owls for five years.


The courier apprehended the Eastern Screech Owl which had secreted itself within the tree’s fissure to safeguard itself from predatory threats.

Its pigments emulate the arboreal bark and an orbicular visual organ perceives the camera’s optical device.


Blake Hess, 47, masterfully captured an owl’s camouflage technique in Colorado, US, after dedicating five years observing the same family of owls.

At first glance, the owl cannot be detected at all and its body is nestled inside the tree with its distinctive feathers peeking out from the side of the branch.

Viewers have been left astonished by the animal which Blake said spent most of its day sitting on its eggs and caring for them.

Blake told the Sun: ‘These are the photos we’ve all dreamed of. Locating this nest site and these small eastern screech owls is quite difficult but when you do it really pays off.

‘This is why I photograph these special situations, so I can share them with other nature enthusiasts.’


He specified the raptor had been incubating its eggs all diurnal period and will ‘extend and locomote’ prior to roosting low as she nurtures her offspring.

The raptor camouflaged itself while quiescing nested imbedded within an arborescent vegetation formation in the state of Colorado when Blake fortuitously came across it, earlier this annual period

Blake observed the identical pair for several revolutions of the terrestrial orb and noted their behaviors while acquiring knowledge of how they ‘persist in the world today’ through adaptation and evolution.


Owls possess an exceptional sensory apparatus and aerodynamic plumage enabling them to hunt with stealth and efficiency. Their auditory acuity surpasses that of humans by a factor of ten, while two types of feathers – down feathers and contour feathers – facilitate silent flight and grasping of prey. Alongside their ability to blend into the visual landscape, owls leverage these attributes to become formidable predators.


Their eggs are deposited singularly each 1 to 2 days but this becomes more irregular following the initial few hatchlings. They emerge sightless and merely possess a thin veneer of natal down thus their maternal figures can be exceptionally vigilant.


Blake returned to the same nesting spot where he had previously documented the Eastern Screech owls. This species is characterized by prominent ear tufts that are frequently erected. The owls permitted Blake to observe their distinctive plumage and behavior at close range once more. Though common throughout much of North America, the Eastern Screech owl remains a fascinating study subject for any wildlife enthusiast.


The mottled and intricate bands and markings render the Eastern Screech-owl superb camouflage against tree trunks.


Blake noted these images ‘the ideal we all aspire to’ and diligently pursuing the ideal shot ‘undeniably yields results’. He was gratified in capturing the owl concealed within a tree hollow and subsequently perched atop the tree and before the lens.

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