Himalayan Monal or Danphe, Most Beautiful & Most Colourful Pheasant

Himalayan Monal or Danphe | Most Beautiful & Most Colourful Pheasant | High altitude Himalayan Bird | High altitude beauties action | Himalayan Monal food behaviour | Himalayan Monal on tree
A Must watch – Rare wild Danphe / Himalayan Monal | Most Beautiful Colourful bird from the Himalayas
During a few treks in Kanchenjunga National Park, Sikkim and Kedarnath Musk-Deer Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand. I came across one of the most beautiful pheasant the Himalayan Monal (another one Indian Peacock) became one of favourite bird in the Himalayas. My first video documentation of Himalayan Monal which involved sub-zero temperatures, quite a few treks with 18-20kg backpack, & bad weather. A must watch – don’t miss the best video of male Monal between 4-6 mnts.