Rescued by Humans, a Wild Elephant Leads Them to Meet her Newly Born Calf

The heartwarming story of an orphaned elephant who was raised by humans continues to inspire people around the world. Despite being separated from her caregivers for over eight years, Loijuk, the once-orphaned elephant, still returns to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sanctuary in Kenya every month to visit. But on one special occasion, Loijuk surprised her caretakers by bringing along her newborn calf, Yoyo.

The SWT rescued Loijuk when she was just five months old, and she was hand-raised by their team until she was old enough to return to the wild. However, Loijuk has never forgotten the people who cared for her and has continued to maintain a close relationship with her human family.

In September, Loijuk arrived at the sanctuary with her baby, Yoyo, and the staff captured the heartwarming moment on camera. Caretaker Rob Brаndford explained that Loijuk is a proud mother who brought her newest baby back to meet the people who saved her life. This is not the first time Loijuk has shared her family with her former human caregivers, as she did the same with her first child, Yetu.

While it’s common for orphaned elephants to return to the places where they were raised, the staff at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust declared that it’s always amazing to see. The fact that Loijuk trusts and shows affection towards the humans who saved her is truly special. Elephants have incredible memories and sense of smell, and the keepers often breathe into the orphans’ trunks so that they can recognize them.

For the staff at the sanctuary, Loijuk’s visit with her new baby was a momentous occasion. Not only did they raise and save an orphaned baby, but she has also successfully returned to the wild and started her own family.

As Brаnford explains, “Family is vital to elephants, thus it comes as no surprise that they choose to share their new family member with their former human caregivers as they are a part of their family.”