These Two Beautiful Girls with Long Tails Make the Entire Mall Uproar!

Having a beautiful face is the main attraction for every woman. Beautiful women will usually be the center of attention when in the midst of a community environment.
But what happens if the beautiful-looking one is a stealth?
Friends, all of you must still remember the white snake demon series, right? Yes, the White Snake Demon Film Series tells the story of a snake demon and his younger brother who is thousands of years old and powerful, who can change form from a snake to a half-human, half-snake or completely human. Some time ago, in a mall in China, there were 2 beautiful girls who made a scene and shocked the entire mall visitors there. The two girls went to a shopping mall and entered a tavern. It looked like they were thirsty and wanted to buy some refreshments. Her beauty has indeed captured the hearts of many people, but there is something even more that makes people turn their heads and can’t stop looking at her. Both of these girls have very long tails that are shaped like snakes. One is green and one is white. Their tails are very large and long, they trail backwards out of their skirts. It really makes people shocked and can’t believe what they see. Is it true that the two girls are the incarnations of the white snake demon and the green snake demon? Their tails look so real and lifelike. It turns out that the two girls deliberately wore long-tailed costumes that resembled the white snake demon and the green snake. They were deliberately invited by the Beijing film crew and mall management to promote the film “White Snake Demon” which also coincided with October 31 or Hellowin Celebration Day, so it was really fitting. they wear costumes like that, right?