12 animals that survived the impossible made viewers unable to believe their eyes


Cows get fairly heavy as they grow up, which is why it’s a good thing they have four legs to stand on, but this cow was born with a deformity where its front legs never grew.In a situation like this, the calf would usually die shortly after birth, but this one wasn’t about to give up that easily.

Instead of letting nature win, it decided that the two legs it did have were enough and ended up learning how to walk just like a human, standing upright.It lives like a normal cow and does all the normal cow things.The only difference is that they walk in all fours and this one just walks around like a human.


No matter where you live, you’ve probably at least heard of a two-headed animal at some point in your life.This is when an embryo doesn’t split right and, instead of the animal being a twin, it ends up being a conjoined twin instead.This turtle is one of those animals.

It was born with two heads.Each head has its own brain that controls its own side of the body and usually, since each side has conflicting demands, the animal ends up dying within a few days of its birth, but this one was not only able to survive the first few days, but has now lived for 24 years and is still going strong, setting the world record for the longest living two-headed turtle in the world.