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Animals | May 12, 2023 3:55 PM | hangbony

The villagers of Ta Fire Village ran away when they saw this super big snake crawling back who thought it was calling for help

The inhabitants of Ta Fire Village fled in terror upon sighting a colossal serpent slithering towards them, which appeared to be in distress. The creature’s size was overwhelming, prompting the villagers to assume that it was seeking assistance.

The King Cobra, a venomous snake species native to South and Southeast Asia, has been observed drinking water in its natural habitat. This behavior is significant as it contradicts the common belief that snakes do not drink water. The King Cobra’s ability to consume water may be attributed to its unique physiology, which allows it to regulate its water intake and maintain hydration levels. This observation sheds light on the complex adaptations of this species and highlights the importance of further research to better understand the behavior and physiology of these fascinating creatures.

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