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Birds | May 22, 2023 2:22 AM | hangbony

A tiny, agitated bird coated in delicate, highly bright pastel hues of orange, yellow, and cinnamon!

Hemithraupis ruficapilla, commonly known as the Rusty-crowned Tanager, is a species of bird found in South America. This small passerine bird is known for its distinctive rusty-red crown and black mask. It inhabits a variety of forested habitats, including humid and dry forests, and is often found in the canopy. The Rusty-crowned Tanager feeds on insects and fruits and is known for its melodious song. This species is not considered threatened, although habitat loss and fragmentation may pose a threat to its populations. The Rusty-crowned Tanager is a valuable member of the avian community and is appreciated for its beauty and song.

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