Buffalo Drags Huge Croc Out of the Water by Its Nose

As if pulled from a scene in a prehistoric monster movie, a herd of water buffalo in Western Australia are seen dragging a massive crocodile out of the water by its nose. The startling incident was captured on video by David Price, a local resident of the remote region of Broome. Price claimed that the herd of water buffalo had been stopped in their tracks by the crocodile, which had been lurking in the water. “The crocodile was just sitting there, and the buffalo didn’t seem to know what to do,” he said.

Without warning, one of the buffalo decided to take matters into its own hands and charged towards the croc. The buffalo then grabbed the croc by its snout and dragged it out of the water, with the other buffalo joining in on the effort. The video shows the buffalo struggling to move the massive reptile, which is estimated to be around 12 feet in length. After a few minutes, the buffalo manage to drag the croc onto the shore.

The incident has gone viral on social media, with many viewers remarking on the buffalo’s boldness and courage. “That’s some serious teamwork!” one viewer commented. The incident is an example of the powerful bonds that can form between herd animals. In this case, the buffalo worked together to protect each other from a potential threat. While the video has certainly captured the attention of many, it is important to remember that crocodiles are apex predators in the wild and should not be approached or disturbed. The buffalo were lucky to have gotten away unscathed.