Duiker cries for help from cheetah!

The Duiker, also known as a Grey Duiker, is a small antelope that is native to Africa. It is a timid and secretive animal that usually hides in thick bush or dense forests. It is easily distinguished by its reddish-brown coat and white stripes on its back. Recently, the Duiker has been in the news for a different reason. It has been crying out for help from a cheetah. It seems that the Duiker was being chased by a cheetah when it ran into a tree. The cheetah was so intent on catching the Duiker, that it tried to climb the tree to get at it.

The Duiker, in desperation, began to cry out in its own language. Witnesses said they could hear the Duiker crying out for help. This cry was so loud and desperate that it caught the attention of some local people, who quickly ran to the tree to try and save the Duiker. Fortunately, the Duiker was able to escape and the cheetah was scared away by the people. It was an incredible sight to see the Duiker running away from the cheetah, with the people running after it. It was a reminder of how vulnerable animals are in the face of predators, and how important it is to take steps to protect them.

The Duiker’s cries for help also brought to light the plight of wild animals in Africa. With their habitats being destroyed by human activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to survive. It is important to take steps to protect wild animals and their habitats, so that they can continue to live in the wild.