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Strange | November 7, 2023 7:47 AM | hangbony

My Incredible Son With No Eyes

My name is Jane, and I’m the proud mother of my incredible son, David. He was born without eyes, but he’s grown up to be an amazing young man. I remember the day David was born. I was filled with so much love for my little boy, but I was also scared. I had so many questions about how he would manage without eyes. It seemed like such a huge obstacle for him to overcome.

But David has defied all expectations. He’s learned to do things that most of us take for granted. He can get dressed, make his own breakfast and even navigate around the house without any assistance. He’s also an excellent student and loves to read. I’ve been amazed by David’s resilience and determination. He never lets his disability get in the way of achieving his goals. He works hard and never gives up, even when things seem impossible.

David’s blindness has also taught me a lot about life. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, like the feel of a warm hug or the sound of a familiar voice. I’ve also learned to be more patient and understanding of others. I’m so proud of my son and all that he’s achieved. His courage and strength have inspired me in more ways than I can count. I’m always amazed by how much he can do without any help. He’s truly incredible. No matter what life throws at him, I know David will keep pushing forward. I’m so blessed to call him my son.

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