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Strange | November 7, 2023 9:37 AM | hangbony

Kaleem was born with a condition which caused his hands and arms to continuously grow and now they weigh a massive two stone between them.

Kaleem: The Man With The Growing Arms

Kaleem is a unique man who was born with a rare condition that causes his hands and arms to continuously grow. He was diagnosed with gigantism when he was a young boy, which is a condition that causes excessive growth in body parts. Now, Kaleem’s hands and arms weigh a massive two stone between them. Kaleem’s condition has caused many challenges in his life. He has to wear specially-made clothes and gloves to cope with the extra length and weight of his arms. He finds it difficult to do everyday tasks such as opening doors and using kitchen utensils. He also has to use a wheelchair to get around, as the extra weight of his arms makes it difficult for him to walk.

Despite the challenges he faces, Kaleem remains positive and sees his condition as a blessing. He believes that his condition is a reminder to appreciate the small things in life, and he strives to show others that people with disabilities can still lead fulfilling lives. Kaleem is an inspiration to many. He has become an advocate for people with disabilities, and has given speeches to raise awareness about the importance of acceptance and understanding of those with disabilities. He also uses his platform to encourage people to be kind to each other and to challenge assumptions about people living with disabilities.

Kaleem’s condition is an extraordinary one, but his inspiring story shows that it is possible to live a full and meaningful life despite disability. His message of acceptance and understanding is one that we all should strive to live by.

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