Baby Born Missing Large Part Of Brain and Skull Continues To Defy the Odds

When a baby is born with a missing large part of his brain and skull, it’s a difficult time for any family, as the child’s future is uncertain. But the story of baby Tommy Morrissey is one of hope and inspiration. When he was born, Tommy’s skull was missing a large part of the back of it, and the majority of his cerebellum. Doctors weren’t sure what to expect from the infant, but since then his progress has defied the odds.

At three months old, Tommy was able to hold his head up and sit up on his own. At seven months, he was able to roll over and stand with assistance. And at one year old, he was able to walk on his own. Now five years old, Tommy continues to astound doctors and his family alike. He can ride a bike, swim, and even play golf! As his mother, Ellen Morrissey, says, “He is so full of life, so determined and so happy. He loves to learn, loves to explore and loves to be around other children.”

Tommy’s miraculous progress is due in part to the incredible care he has received from his family and doctors. He has regular check-ups and scans, and his family has gone above and beyond to ensure he has the best care possible. But just as important as medical care is the support and love Tommy receives from his family and friends. His parents have been there for him every step of the way, and his older brother has been a great source of strength. Tommy’s story is a testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. It is a reminder that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, anything is possible.