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Strange | November 7, 2023 2:08 PM | hangbony

Holy Cow! Locals Worship ‘Lucky’ Calf Born With Five Legs

In the small village of Palakkad, India, locals are in awe of a five-legged calf that has been given the name “Lucky” and worshipped as a symbol of good luck. The calf, a hybrid of a cow and a buffalo, was born at a local dairy farm earlier this month, and its extra leg has astounded locals. The owner of the farm, Radhakrishnan, said that the calf’s rare condition has made it a celebrity in the area, and many people are coming to see the animal.

Local people, many of them from the Hindu faith, have been offering prayers and chanting mantras, and some have even brought offerings for the calf in the hope that it will bring good luck.
The calf is being well-looked after, with the farmer providing it with a special diet to ensure it remains healthy. He has also made sure that the calf is well-protected from the elements, and is providing it with a warm shelter at night. The five-legged calf’s birth has been seen as a sign of divine intervention, and many people from the local community have said that it is a reminder that God is always watching over us.

The calf may have five legs, but it is still able to walk on four, and the farmer expects it to lead a normal life. The calf’s extra leg may be causing a stir in the local community, but it is not the first animal with an extra appendage. Last year, a piglet was born with eight legs in the same area. The locals may view the calf as a symbol of good luck, but there is no doubt that its physical condition is something of a marvel.

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