A Man Asked For $ 200 To Marry Me, 56 Year Old Virgin speaks out

When 56-year-old Ndeye Coumba Diouf from Senegal found out her suitor wanted her to pay him $200 to marry her, she was shocked. The man had asked her to provide a dowry of 200,000 CFA francs (approximately $200) before he would accept her hand in marriage. The man had been asking Diouf for the money for some time, and she refused to pay the dowry, as this is not a practice she believes in. Diouf said she was ‘mortified’ when she realized the man was only interested in her for her money.

Diouf, who is a virgin, had been looking for a husband for some time, but was unable to find someone who was compatible with her. She believes she is being punished for not wanting to give into the man’s demands. Diouf’s story is unfortunately not uncommon in Senegal. Many women in the country are forced to pay dowries to marry, and those who refuse are often left single. This practice is not only unfair and unjust, but it also perpetuates gender inequality and reinforces the idea that women are a commodity.

Diouf is now speaking out against this practice, in the hope that it will help put an end to it. She is urging other women to stand up for their rights and refuse to pay dowries. Diouf is also calling on the government to take action against this practice, and to make dowries illegal. She hopes that one day, women will be able to marry without having to pay a dowry, and that gender equality will be achieved in Senegal.